About Ratchet

Dark and mysterious, yet with the core of an outspoken heart. Ratchet is a 21 year old independent Alternative Indie artist based in the Netherlands. From trying to impress a girl by learning the guitar, he now makes music on a daily basis and isn't planning to stop anytime soon. His music is best described as a stroll in the middle of the night, through a lit up city. Every song has its own unique aesthetic and most of the time tells a story about Ratchet's personal problems in life. He tries to be mysterious, but clear enough for everyone to enjoy his music. While most of his songs are different in style or genre, they all share Ratchet’s story. “What started as a way to seek socialization, has grown into something much bigger”, he says. In the eyes of Ratchet, it's a way to display his own feelings and emotions. Sometimes quite obvious and other times encrypted deep in the music. Although still being in school, Ratchet dreams of devoting his future to his music. A future beyond his formal bedroom studio.