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Ratchet Stickers Colored

Ratchet Stickers Colored

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This letter will contain 10 handcrafted stickers and a handwritten letter by Ratchet! The stickers are made during our first testrun (Batch 1) and consist out of transparant and non transparant stickers (the coloured ones).

"What's the difference between these sticker, compaired to the others you have listed?"
These stickers are made during our first testrun, using all sorts of techniques and machines not typically used for making stickers. This batch inlcudes coloured; non-transparant versions of the original design. The material used for the transparant stickers is slightly different from the other versions; the stickers are somewhat thinner and non-glossy (matte). In this first batch, we used a laser cutter to cut out the shape of the entire sticker. This may look fancier, but if you peel the sticker, they are exaclty the same as the other batches (shape of the sticker, separate from the paper).

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